600+ people have experienced DEC.

DEC is a 3 day weekend retreat.

28 states and 3 countries have experienced DEC.


Deaf Encountering Christ (DEC) is a three-day Christian retreat designed by Deaf people for Deaf people. Although each DEC is unique, the theme of the weekend is a journey: Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ is coming again.

DEC is like a crossroads where you can make new decisions about your life. During your time there, you will be able to take time to look at things you call important in your life and look at it from God’s point of view. Not only is DEC about faith, it is also about having fun and getting to know people from all across the country.

This retreat is for Deaf/hard of hearing people who communicate mainly through American Sign Language, since the entire retreat is conducted in ASL by the staff. Come and experience DEC for yourself!

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DEC #33 October 25 - October 27 2024

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DEC #34 May 2 - May 4 2025




No. DEC is a one-time event.

During a DEC weekend, you can discover more about what God wants to offer us through Jesus. It is a time when you can put aside work, home, school, or other responsibilities and find out more about a personal relationship with God.

DEC is a Christian retreat to help people discover what it means to have a personal encounter with Jesus. During DEC, we do not promote the doctrines of any specific church. After DEC, if a person wants to understand more about God, we encourage them to find a local church or Bible study where they can learn more about God.

Before DEC

Each DEC has a limited number of seats. If the registration form will still let you register, then you know that there are still possible openings.

An email will be submitted immediately to you. If you received it, we received it also.

We have found that DEC retreats are best when we have at least 16 participants. Some weekends, we have at least 16 participants right away. Some weekends, we don’t know until very close to the weekend if there will be at least 16 participants. If you will be travelling from another state, please keep in touch with us before making any travel plans.

Please talk with us first before making any flight reservations. We prefer to have 16 participants before we commit to a weekend. If we do not have enough participants for a weekend, we typically postpone the retreat until the next DEC weekend.

We encourage arrival on Thursday evening and departure on Monday morning. If you must arrive on Friday morning, please ensure arrival no later than 9 am. If you must leave Sunday evening, please ensure your departure is no earlier than 9 pm.

If you are from outside of Minnesota, DEC will arrange your hospitality needs for either Thursday, Sunday, or both.

Transportation from/to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport/train/bus stations will be taken care of by DEC, including transportation to/from the retreat center.

Deposit refunds are given for notifications of cancellation 5 days prior to the retreat. Use the “Contact Us” link to notify us of any cancellation. Deposits are non-refundable but it can be carried over to future retreats.

If you used the online registration form, you should have received an email after you finished your registration. In the email, you will find instructions on what to bring. You will also have similar information in your welcome letter.

During DEC

If your family or friends need to contact you during the retreat, they can use our contacts page to contact the directors on their phones. Their message will be relayed promptly.