More than 95% of Deaf people don’t know Christ

Chronological Bible Translation

Our Bible translations are done in sets of passages arranged in chronological order (known as Chronological Bible Translation, or CBT), rather than in book by book order.

Deaf Encountering Christ

Deaf Encountering Christ (DEC) is a three-day Christian retreat designed by Deaf people for Deaf people. Although each DEC is unique, the theme of the weekend is a journey: Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ is coming again.

ASL Music Videos

All of our songs are created and sung by Deaf people for Deaf people to worship our God. The music has plenty of bass beats so that Deaf people can feel the music and connect to it.


Our devotionals are publications in ASL which provides spiritual growth for anyone who wishes to learn more about God.

Living Stones

Our Living Stones are inspired by Joshua 4, which tells us about when the Lord told Joshua to build a memorial of 12 stones from the Jordan River so that every generation after that would know and remember what the Lord had done for Israel.