Pray for Deaf Harbor
Deaf Harbor is growing and expanding,
but we have a lot of unknowns in our future.
Please pray with us and for us.

Ongoing Prayers:

  • Pray that our work honors God.
  • Pray that God gives us a clear sense of what His will is.
  • Pray that we have the faith and courage to follow wherever God leads us.
  • Pray that God helps the Deaf Harbor workers (project directors, translators, editors, consultants, and signers) to do their work well, and work together well, for God’s glory.

Current Prayer Requests—Top 5:

  • Funding: Our work is expanding and our programs are expanding! Pray that God brings all of the funds that we need in order to do His work. And pray that God will bring donors, partners, and funding for us.
  • New Location: Deaf Harbor is growing and our current location is way too small! Pray that God provides a new location that is at least three times the size of what we currently have. And pray that God provides the funds for a new location that fits all of our needs.
  • Deaf Harbor Board: The new Deaf Harbor board is actively looking for new board members. Pray that God will bring the right people to serve on the board. Pray that the board members are able to work together well to fundraise and find money for Deaf Harbor.
  • Consultants: Pray especially for our consultants, who check the accuracy of our Chronological Bible Translations. Our consultants are behind with checking our translations, so this is slowing down our work a lot. Pray that our consultants are able to find the time in their schedules to do their work. Pray also that God brings more consultants to speed up the process.
  • People: Pray that God brings new workers to Deaf Harbor so we can keep expanding our teams and programs. Pray that God provides the funds for us to hire more full-time workers.

The largest unreached people groups in the world are Deaf. 

Million Deaf in the world
Only 2% have heard the Gospel

Praying request

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By Amanda, February 9, 2020 at 8:16 pm


My family grandma sylvia doble has problem vein blood pressure and surgery on march 10 to 15 i would plan going visit to her. Also i am say please prayer healing to her youngest age . So i am want to her healthy to her jesus lord . She has Christan long time because grandpa don was died 2013. As i want tell you trust my life changed foucs with me and needs own time God song worships and my son hear heavenly thats me .. if you question me thats video for you on plan feel truth feel my jesus loved me..
Thanks you mandy (Amanda) Jacobson

I prayed for this
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